NPMHU Prevails in Lead Clerk Arbitration

The National Office is pleased to announce that the NPMHU prevailed in the Lead Clerk Arbitration. This grievance was filed against the USPS allowing Lead Clerks to supervise, assign or direct mail handlers at any time. The arbitrator ruled that Lead Clerks are not authorized to perform supervisory functions. In short,the arbitration should put an end to the practice of using clerk craft employees to direct Mail Handlers when a supervisor is not present. Lead-Clerk-decision

Photos–past and present – Lastest – 2014 Annual Membership Appreciation Picnic

By clicking on this link, you can look at or print photos from various Local 321 activities and events.

The annual Membership Appreciation Picnic was once again a huge success as many of our brothers and sisters attended and enjoyed a day of fun, food & several activities. We were also proud to have honored guests, National President John Hegarty, National Secretary/Treasurer Mark Gardner & Central Region Vice President Jefferson Peppers lll in attendance.

COLA Increase Effective 9/6/14 – See Update Wage Charts

The Fishgold Arbitration award that currently serves as our contract provides for a total of seven (7) possible COLA increases. The first two from 2013 were deferred until 2014. The first deferred COLA from March of 2013 was $146. The COLA from March of 2014 was $0.

The second deferred COLA increase from 2013 ($540) was added to the latest COLA increase ($687) and equals $1,227. This amount was added to all mail handler’s base salary effective 9/6/14. Attached is a link to the updated wage chart effective 9/6/14.

There are still three (3) more possible COLA adjustments that could lead to further wage increases before the expiration of the current contract. There are also two (2) more guaranteed contractual raises due in November of 2014 and again in November of 2015.

Wage Chart Effective 9/6/14

USPS Announces Plans to Resume Plant Closures & Consolidations

The union was notified that the USPS plans to re-institute the “Network Rationalization Plan” starting in January of 2015. This is the USPS plan for closures & consolidations that was put on hold earlier this year. Unfortunately, Colorado Springs is once again on the Postal Service’s “hit list.” The Local Union will update all members as soon as more information becomes available.



Revised Branch Meeting Schedule

All Members, Please check the REVISED Branch Meeting Schedule. The August meetings were moved back until September due to conflict with the Semi Annual Meeting of Local Unions (SAMLU).

Scheduling these Branch Meetings after the SAMLU enables Local President Cindy Hoehl-Rinker to update the membership with the latest information from the National Office.

Please attend your Branch Meeting for updates about the Mail Handler craft with the latest information available!

Revised Meeting Schedule