NPMHU Calls for Bargaining Proposals for the 2016 Contract Negotiations

Preparations are underway for negotiations over the terms of the 2016 National Agreement between the NPMHU and the USPS. It is now that the National Office is requesting submissions for contract proposals that the Field Negotiating Committee and the National Negotiation Team will analyze for possible presentation during bargaining.

If you have any proposals that you feel should be included in the next round of bargaining, please go to the links below and fill out the forms. These forms can be sent to the Local Union hall or the National Office.



NPMHU Appeals SPSS Decision to Arbitration & National Labor Relations Board

The NPMHU National Office has filed an appeal to arbitration concerning the disputed work on the Small Parcel Sorting System (SPSS), as well as an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board.  The latter seeks injunctive relief under Section 10(j) of the National Labor Relations Act.



Postal Service Reneges on SPSS Craft Determination

In a stunning and unprecedented move, the USPS formally notified the NPMHU that they would be reversing their decision of awarding all duties associated with the operation of the Small Parcel Sorter System (SPSS) to the mail handler craft.

The USPS claims that the August 7, 2015 notification to the NPMHU reverses the June 1, 2015 letter determining that “all” duties of the SPSS were awarded to the mail handler craft. The USPS has now announced “that the hands-on induction, including the singulating/separating and facing of individual packages, on the five induction stations of the SPSS is similar to the induction stations on both the Small Parcel Bundle Sorter (SPBS) and the Automated Package Processing System (APBS), which are staffed with mail processing clerk craft employees.”

In their haste to notify the NPMHU of this cowardly act of disrespect to the NPMHU and all mail handlers, the USPS attempted to compare the work to that performed on the SPBS and APBS. However, their letter mistakenly compared it to the Automated Package Processing System, which is the APPS; a machine run 100% by the mail handler craft.

Article 1.5 of the National Agreement clearly outlines the appropriate steps taken by the USPS to determine craft jurisdiction and staffing whenever new positions/machinery are created. In accordance with the Dispute Resolution Process, each union has the opportunity to submit its written position on the jurisdictional assignment; and then managements’ representatives appointed to the National Dispute Resolution Procedure apply the principles of RI-399 to issue jurisdictional determination. After determination, either union has the right to appeal the decision to National arbitration.

In this case, the contractually binding procedure was fully and properly implemented, resulting in the June 1, 2015 determination.  The American Postal Workers Union did not file an appeal by the required deadline, meaning that the Postal Service’s June 1, 2015 determination has been final and binding and fully controlling for some time.  Under RI-399, moreover, the June 1, 2015 determination may be changed only upon new work, new or consolidated facilities, or an operational change.  In the absence of such circumstances, the June 1, 2015 determination is final and binding, and any attempt to reverse that determination is null and void.

The NPMHU will do everything within its authority to find out why this craft determination was reversed, and to challenge this reversal in every permissible arena with every resource at our disposal.


Craft Determination

Photos–past and present – Lastest – 2014 Annual Membership Appreciation Picnic

By clicking on this link, you can look at or print photos from various Local 321 activities and events.

The annual Membership Appreciation Picnic was once again a huge success as many of our brothers and sisters attended and enjoyed a day of fun, food & several activities. We were also proud to have honored guests, National President John Hegarty, National Secretary/Treasurer Mark Gardner & Central Region Vice President Jefferson Peppers lll in attendance.

Annual Membership Appreciation Picnic

Don’t forget to come to the Annual Membership Appreciation Picnic. This year the picnic  will be held on Sunday, July 19, 2015 from 11AM to 5PM at Margaret Carpenter Park. Carpenter Park is located at 11151 Colorado Boulevard, Thornton, CO. 80233.

This year will be our first year at Carpenter Park. We definitely won’t be lacking for activities. The park has a skate park, paddle boats, a carousel, splash pads and a sports plaza where they have tennis, basketball, sand volleyball, bocce ball, shuffleboard and horseshoes.

We will also hold the 2nd Annual Talent Show. If you are interested in participating in the talent show, contact Cindy at the hall or by e-mail or e-mail or call Ed at (303) 618-2048.

As always delicious burgers, hot dogs, sausages and brats will be grilled. Cold beverages will be on ice and fruit and goodies will be on hand too. See the attached flyer for directions and activities.


Special FYI – Federal Employee Services

Management has mandated mail handlers in most of the buildings statewide to attend stand-ups delivered by a company called Federal Employee Services (FES). The Union was never contacted about these meetings, especially not prior to the FES forcing mail handlers to submit personal information. FES is NOT a federal agency as you can see on their website, even though they led people to believe they were. The Union does not endorse, support or believe in this company. Please read the attached FYI.

2015 (06) FES

Postal Unions Urge Congress to Reject TPA Legislation

Taken from the National Website. Immediate attention required.

(June 10, 2015) In a joint letter, Presidents of the NPMHU, APWU and NALC express unified opposition to the “fast Track” bill now before the Congress. The letter reads in part, “We have urged you to end the undemocratic practice of voting on Trade Promotion Authority before the trade and investment agreements negotiated in secret by our government and its trading partners are made public.  Such authority guarantees enactment of these agreements before their flaws can be democratically debated and amended.”

Mail Handlers Awarded SPSS Work

On June 2, 2015, the National Office was notified that the USPS determined the primary duties associated with the Small Parcel Sorter System (SPSS) are being awarded to the Mail Handler craft! This means that when the SPSS is installed into the Denver P&DC, management will be posting jobs for all mail handlers to bid on through seniority. Managements’ expected completion of installment of the SPSS in Denver is mid-September. Thanks to the National Office for their hard work in securing craft jurisdiction for the SPSS!

Craft Determination

USPS Issues Network Consolidation Statement

On May 27, 2015, the USPS issued a statement deferring mostly all plant closures and consolidations until 2016. This would seem to be the happy news that all Colorado Springs mail handlers, especially those scheduled to be excessed to Denver, have been waiting to hear. However, despite the announcement that the suspension of all closures and consolidations would include every facility except the Houston P&DC and the Queens P&DC, local management has informed the Union that they plan to continue the excessing event in Colorado Springs.

Local President Hoehl-Rinker has informed Colorado management that the Union is vehemently opposed to their plans to continue with their actions against the Colorado Springs facility. The Union plans to fight managements’ noncompliance with the Network Consolidation Statement.